Sensational Sessions

Did it Sizzle or Did it Fizzle?

Learn how to engage all stakeholders to evaluate an event or program in a fun, interactive way that people will want to show up and stay for.

Game On! Staff Meetings Your Team Will Actually Want To Attend

Purposeful play can build your team’s spirit and their skills at the same time, find out how!

Putting the Fun in Fundraising and Taking the Fear Out

Whether fundraising is part of your job or part of your responsibilities as a board member, or just something you want to learn, you CAN ask for donations and actually enjoy doing it! Find your comfort zone with some simple introductory strategies. You will also learn the various forms funds come in and which are the most important and how they are secured.

From Bored Member to Board Member: 3 Ways to Keep Board Members Engaged

Whether you are a board member or are the staff liaison to a board, get to know 3 critical ways to get the most out of those on board.

Bring Out the Leaders on Your Team

Leaders aren’t just those with the biggest titles and/or biggest salaries.  Everyone can be a leader and in the best teams they are.  Learn ways to cultivate the leader in your fellow team members.

Strategic Planning Streamlined

What exactly is strategic planning and how can it be more fun and more functional?

Courageous Cultural Conversations

Let’s explore how our unique experiences shape our perspectives at work and in the world. The way I see the world is not the way you see it but difference does not have to mean division.

Improv to Improve Team Engagement

Learn simple and fun Improv techniques to help your team engage with each other and approach organizational challenges with a “yes, and” approach.


These Sensational Sessions Create L.I.F.E for all!

L.I.F.E. is Collabyrinth Collective's proprietary delivery of memorable and productive sessions for groups of all kinds.
L stands for Learning (grab some knowledge)
I stands for Interactive (who enjoys someone talking at you?)
F stands for Fun (as they say if it isn't fun, why do it?)
E stands for Engaging (attendees work together and in so doing get to know each other better)